Restorations & Repairs



I offer restorations and repairs of vintage instruments and have extensive experience in this type of work. I only undertake major restorations which in some cases can become quite expensive. Certain repairs such as refinishing will reduce the value of an instrument. Therefore you must decide if the restoration is worth the loss in value. I think guitars are made to be played and should be restored and it disturbs me to see so many instruments at vintage shows being offered for sale that have been badly repaired and are in poor condition. Many Amati and Stradivarius instruments have had major structural repairs and are still considered valuable. Over time the same will be true of certain guitars. I endeavor to retain the originality of an instrument and make the repairs as unnoticeable as possible.

Martin 1936 F-9 archtop to Martin om -45 style convertion

C. F. Martin made only a few archtop guitars and what made the F-series interesting was that they added an arched top to a flattop brazilian rosewood body. Some owners of these guitars have had them converted to a regular flattop which involves replacing both the neck and top. I did this conversion in 2014 for Don Fisher.

Original Martin F-9



Top & Neck Removed