Price list

I offer my guitars in four configurations which consist of basic, standard, custom and Art Series.


I have not included prices for all the guitars as many were custom orders.


Basic models have no inlays and a simplified headstock design as found on the Argonaut. Basic models have minimum binding layers and archtop models have a rosewood tailpiece. A floating pick-up is an optional add-on.


Standard models come with split block inlays and multiple binding layers. The headstocks feature the oval shape and pearl inlays. Archtop models feature ebony tailpieces . A floating pick-up is an optional add-on.


Prices will vary depending on options.


Custom and Art models are special one of a kind guitars and are priced according to their features.

Basic Archtop Models

15 inch body    $8000

16 inch body    $9000

17 inch body    $10000

18 inch body    $11,000


Standard Archtop Models

Argonaut   15 inch body     $10,000

Empire      16 inch body     $12,000

Premier     17 inch body     $13,000

Imperial     18 inch body     $14,000


Basic Semi-Solid Models

Maple Top with tuno-matic bridge  $6000

Spruce Top with ebony tailpiece    $7000


Standard Semi-Solid Models

Artist          15 inch body    $8000

Classic       15 inch body    $10000


Gibson '57 Classic pick-ups are standard in the Artist and Classic models but can be substituted for any other brand.

Basic Flattop Models

16 inch             $6000

17 inch             $7000

15.625 inch      $6000 Dreadnought

Standard Flattop Models

Nightingale jumbo    16 inch             $8000

Nightingale jumbo    17 inch             $9000

Dreadnaught            15.625 inch      $8000

Basic Flattop models have no inlays and simple bindings. Standard models have multiple binding layers, dot fingerboard inlays and an abalone soundhole ring.

Nightingale models are usually figured maple and Dreadnaughts are usually Indian rosewood.

They may be ordered with other wood combinations.

Pickups and onboard electronics are an optional add-on. Please specify your preferred brand.


All guitars have ivoroid bindings as standard and may be upgraded to wood bindings.

Archtops come with three bracing options. Standard X-bracing, Single X or Parallel.

All models are available with a choice of four different scale lengths.


24.75   inch

25        inch

25.25   inch

25.5     inch


Nut widths are:    1 11/16 or 1.75


Finish options are Nitro Cellulose lacquer, french polish and acrylic urathane.

Sunburst and custom colors are additional cost.


TKL hard shell cases are standard and may be upgraded to Hoffey or Calton.


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