Ordering Information 


I offer many options and my clients often request special custom guitars which allows them to have some input in the design.

Although much of my work is highly ornate, I also make plain no-frills instruments for those of you looking for a straight player guitar.


I look forward to working with you in developing ideas and creating a unique instrument.


A non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure a place on my waiting list.

The price I quote you will not change unless significant changes are made before or during the building process.

A payment of 50 percent is required to begin your order, with the remaining balance due upon completion. Custom and Art Series guitars require a deposit of 70 percent.

Payments can be made with a personal check, credit card or PayPal.

Overseas payments are accepted via a bank wire transfer or PayPal.



My instruments come with a life time limited warranty to the original owner which includes all parts and materials. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear from use.

Overseas Orders

CITES regulations which govern the export of endangered species such as rosewood and shell materials have made it expensive and time consuming to ship guitars out of the USA.

The US Department of Fish and Wildlife requires export permits. Due to these restrictions, I no longer ship guitars overseas.

One way to avoid the process is to not use endangered materials. There are several species of woods that are not restricted and still produce fine sounding instruments. Other materials such as reconstituted stone have also become a popular alterative for inlays.

Another option is to travel to the USA and collect you guitar. Once an instrument becomes your personal possession, CITES permits are not required to take the guitar out of the country. However, you may experience problems with your local customs inspectors.